• Priority #1
    Recruitment, Outreach, and Growth

    Reach new people through worship, services, and activities by focusing on our largest demographics (families with young kids, followed by grandparents). We are successful if we see at least ten new families with young kids and ten “grandparents” regularly participating in church activities by the end of the year.

  • Priority #2

    Get all people actively involved in leading and serving in worship, service, and activities. For this year, we are successful when we have a solid understanding of what our current level of engagement is (metrics defined) by the end of the year so we can set an appropriate growth goal for 2025.

  • Priority #3
    Church Board Year One

    Strengthen and refresh WUMC church leadership model by continuing the transition from a multi-committee Administrative structure to the one Church Board started last year. We are successful if we are working to implemet and follow the documented best practices by the end of the year.

  • Priority #4
    Church Direction and Future

    Create strategies and take actions to help define and set the direction for the future of Waukee UMC. We are successful if we have forward momentum on our roadmap vision, infrastructure, and discipleship plans by the end of the year.